Timeline of Events

Overview of what happened with baby Aniya. Based on mother’s recollection, medical records and documents from TX CPS.

8/4/2016 BORN
12/15/2016 double ear infection, losing weight
12/29/2016 lost weight and completed amoxicillin for the ear infections on 12/15/16 (immune system was down)
Injected with GARDASIL 9 In conjunction with 4 month immunizations.
12/31/2016 took to ER for fever, pallor, weakness, lethargy. Doctor said rotate Tylenol & Motrin, we are looking at “fear of the unknown.” Go home & come back in 2 days if fever continues.
Go back to ER due to fever, pallor, lethargy & weakness continued. Doctor calls nurse practitioner on pediatric floor who stated fever was from the immunizations Aniya was suppose to get & the immunizations she was not suppose to get, go home, give Tylenol rotate with Motrin & come back if fever continues.
1/3/2017 fever stops
Consulted a new pediatrician (@Airline Pediatrics-Dr. Boone, retired MD- filling in for the week) for Aniya. Complained about Aniya feeling weak in trunk and lower extremities along with decreased appetite, lethargy & pallor. Doctor stated “baby’s fine.” Asked for a referral to neurologist, doctor said no.
Baby in Motor vehicle accident. ER runs zero testing despite being aware of the stress from Aniya’s vaccine overdose & stress from the motor vehicle accident. ER documents falsely states Aniya was crawling on medical exam table.
Took Aniya to pediatrician @Airline Pediatrics (Suresh Pathikonda) AGAIN due to Aniya remains weak with a decreased appetite. MD states she’s fine, normal & “it’s society who has you concerned.” Go home. I reported to this doctor I had a neurologist appointment for Aniya the next day in the Woodlands. He asked what doctor and said let him know what they say.
Doctor diagnosis Aniya with anorexia, put it in the chart 21 days later, but did not tell Anita. Orders no interventions.
Dr Staci king @TCH in The Woodlands sees Aniya. This doctor confirms & verified all abnormal findings Anita had been complaining about to the previous doctors & hospital. Doctor orders physical therapy, extensive lab work & urine output to have done IMMEDIATELY!!
Dr. King calls Anita & stated Aniya had low sodium (117) and needed to be admitted into hospital immediately. Anita drove Aniya to TCH.
2/17/2017 to 2/24/2017
Hospitalized @TCH and released with NG tube
@Airline Pediatrics
Suresh Pathikonda saw Aniya for her post follow up hospitalization visit. He ordered labs to check sodium (normal sodium) checked weight (Aniya gained weight) and he instructed me not to insert the NG tube because he wanted Aniya to feed by mouth & instructed me I needed to give my baby a bottle despite me telling him Aniya will not take the bottle. He didn’t care.
3/7/2017 labs done. Sodium normal but BUN & glucose were ABNORMAL so I re inserted the NG tube
Follow up @Airline Pediatrics suresh Pathikonda instructed me AGAIN to discontinue NG tube and keep trying to give Aniya bottles, try NG tube feeding with a syringe and tube inside of mouth/assisted feeding which didn’t work. He also ordered me to bring Aniya for weight checks every other day which I did. He instructed me to give Aniya vegetable oil in her baby foods which I never did.
3/8/2107 to 3/17/2017 DAILY WEIGHT CHECKS – weight was up and down.
Aniya had constipation & fever & cough. Notified doctor on call by phone who instructed to give prune juice and take Aniya to doctor for fever & cough the next day if continues.
@Airline Pediatrics for Aniya’s cough & fever. Aniya diagnosed with a double ear infection & failure to thrive because she continued having problems gaining weight.
3/17 to 3/22/2017
Hospitalized at Citizens medical center where Aniya refused bottle throughout entire hospital stay. Aniya lost weight x3 and Aniya was diagnosed with Polyuria having 17 wet diapers within 24H. Sodium was 131 then 134
Discharged home 3/22/2017 and ordered to take Aniya to GI & endocrinologist outpatient.
Aniya was given Rocephin (antibiotic) via IV
3/17 to 3/22 Acute weight loss Sodium 131, 134.
Last day labs were checked, several were abnormal. Labs were never re-checked, Aniya was sent home. Anita was not informed of lab results.
Second opinion at Dr. Braga’s office. Aniya was now experiencing tremor like shakes which was reported to Dr Braga.
Decided not to see Dr. Braga anymore because he stated he would only allow Aniya to see a GI specialist & not an Endocrinologist. Anita felt Aniya needed to see an endocrinologist due to her history of losing sodium for unknown reasons.
Back to Airline Pediatrics. Weight check and follow up. Same weight as 3/24
Aniya has an EEG at TCH. Reported to be normal. Anita questions results.
Shake like tremors, that were noticed by Early Childhood Intervention Case worker.
Aniya gained weight. 9 oz in 10 days – Anita was breastfeeding and supplementing.
Suresh Pathikonda called and wanted to see Aniya for her “6 month follow up.” He ordered an ultrasound of her spine which ended up being perfectly normal but he never ordered follow up labs to check SODIUM!!
TCH gastroenterologist sees Aniya.
Outpatient GI appointment @TCH Aniya GAINED weight and nurse practitioner Jennifer Maupin instructed me to try different size nipples for Aniya to help drink from a bottle again. She also ordered follow up labs to check sodium & wanted urine & stool samples for GI testing.
ECI case worker visits Aniya at home, reports that Aniya is pushing bottle away, and refusing it. Takes 45 minutes to consume a 4 oz bottle. Reports that Aniya stops breathing while drinking the bottle.
Bloodwork ordered by gastroenterologist. Stool and urine samples also taken
Aniya starts crawling.
Outpatient ultrasound ordered by Airline Pediatrics pediatrician to look at spine. Spine was perfect.
Dr Staci King (neurologist) calls and tells Anita that Aniya’s sodium is low AGAIN & advised Anita to take her to TCH immediately. Anita did as instructed & was livid due to no one notifying me sooner. They allowed 9 days of negligence to go by while Aniya suffered in grave danger.
MRI done @TCH
TCH stated results NORMAL Which was later found ABNORMAL due to a pituitary cyst was found growing on Aniya’s pituitary gland.
4/24/2017 Aniya failed cortisol test but TCH informed me Aniya passed her test & they couldn’t find anything wrong with my child. They LIED.
Aniya starts gaining weight then abnormally lose weight while closely monitored & observed by TCH.
4/30/2017 Child protection team gets notified and takes over Aniya’s plan of care.
5/2/2017 CPS shows up, robs me of my child & kicks me out of hospital.
I go to Victoria CPS office who instructs me to let TCH run testing and labs in my baby to find if she is ill without my presence. If she is found to be ill CPS will give her back. If they find NOTHING wrong then they need to investigate further and will keep my baby.
5/3/2017 to 5/18/2017
Aniya ALONE at TCH
5/14/2017 TCH diagnosed Aniya with adrenal insufficiency which cAuses low sodium!!!! TCH never reveals to Anita nor CPS Aniya’s newly found diagnosis. Why?!
Aniya wrongfully goes to foster home.
Family group conference (10 support members) all asked CPS to get blood work BEFORE bringing Aniya to family placement. CPS REFUSED!!!!
Aniya saw dr Ramona peck for a follow up hospitalization visit and NO FOLLOW UP LABS were ordered to check Aniya’s sodium levels!!!!
CPS failed to get bloodwork.
Mom calls social worker and again asks for follow up labs before making placement. Social worker notified foster mom #1 /nurse who stated she would pass along to doctor to get follow up labs for Aniya’s next appointment on 6/12/2017
(CPS would make sure Aniya was not going to get follow up labs on 6/12/2017!!!)
6/1/2017 Aniya is ill in foster home. Not wanting to creep/crawl. Not crying for milk or food. Very depressed. Aniya was presented with large amount of crusty dry mucus membranes bilateral to eyes and mold found on bottle which she was forced to drink from.
6/6/2017 Aniya saw a neurologist for follow up visit that day then later social worker picked up Aniya and placed her with maternal grandmother.
Maternal grandmother points out to CPS Aniya’s cough. CPS brushes it off and says Aniya must’ve picked it up from the daycare.
CPS failed to get bloodwork.
Cough getting worse. Aniya sees Dr. Braga who ordered medications.
New Medications ordered by Dr. Braga. Aniya not feeling better.
Follow up for medications. Aniya had lost weight. Dr Braga ordered labs for Aniya.
Aniya potassium 6!!!  She’s in grave danger. Sodium 131
No one notified CPS or ANITA (mom)
July 2017
A second MRI is run and a second cyst is found in Aniya’s brain.
Aniya has visit and looks critically ill. CPS ignores mom and states she’s crazy!!!
Maternal grandmother meets Aniya’s mom @HEB PLUS while Aniya is at babysitters and gives lab results!!! Mom notices Aniya’s potassium has been HIGH since 6/30/2017 and has HYPERKALEMIA (high potassium) Mom instructs grandmother to take Aniya to ER immediately.
ER finds Aniya with HIGH POTASSIUM of 6.5 & low sodium 121. Aniya life flighted to TCH!!!
7/3 to 7/20/2017
Aniya at TCH & mother not allowed.
TCH and CPS blames maternal grandmother for Aniya’s illness and kicks her out of TCH leaving Aniya alone again for 2 days to test & do whatever they want in private.
TCH social worker Jennifer stansbury notified CPS that Aniya may have a “rare rare disease which could result in death” but still does not mean she is safe with mom or grandma.
Aniya wrongfully placed in foster care #2 and is given strict standing orders to have done if Aniya falls ill with a runny nose, fever, decreased appetite or anything. CPS did not reveal those orders to mom. Unsure if foster parents were aware either.
Aniya was ordered weekly labs & weight checks @Parkside family clinic in Cuero, tx
Foster mom #2 documented “showed cold symptoms and slight fever 99 degrees”
Administered ibuprofen.
CPS reported Aniya had a cold that weekend “just in case her nose starts to run”
Case worker contacts TCH. TCH reports to CPS “There is certain medical information they do not want shared with the mother at this time”
CPS replies “The department has to legally release all medical information to the mother about her daughter.”
Aniya had a weight loss of 8oz in 5 days and TCH reported they could not find Aniya’s lab report that had been faxed over from Parkside Clinic, “will look around” …
Aniya extremely ill with runny nose, lethargy, warm extremities, crying, weakness, sense of malaise, skin discoloration & CPS ignored it & ignored the standing orders!!!
CPS doctor Lukefahr “Express concerns there may be an issue with the new foster home.” Regarding Aniya losing weight. CPS sends nurse to foster home to check that foster parents are feeding Aniya properly.
Foster mom reported that TCH told her Aniya’s congestion was “kind of normal”
Aniya has a bad rash. Faded bruise was found on inner thigh. Anita notified the police of the rash and bruise.
CPS sends Dr Lukefahr the letter of fact from Dr Toni Bark regarding the side effects of the Gardisil 9 vaccine. Letter is ignored.
Aniya’s whereabouts during Hurricane Harvey are unknown, mandatory evacuation for the county.
Foster mom notifies CPS Aniya is “under the weather” Fever of 101
Anita is unaware of STANDING ORDERS that were not followed.
Standing orders were oredered 7/20/2017 and they were as follows”
Aniya to be taken to emergency room immediately if any of a set list of conditions occurred such as fever, runny nose, vomiting, or was otherwise sick.
Aniya presents with pinkness/redness in inner eyes. Covered with mosquito bites. Case worker did not reveal that Aniya had been sick. Aniya taken to Dr, who said it was “allergies.”
Aniya diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency again and prescribed steroids and emergency injections “just in case she does not wake up!!”
TCH gave foster parents paperwork and instructs them that Aniya needs to be wearing a medical ID tag. This was not revealed to Anita.
Aniya presents with another rash. (side effect of steroids)
CPS begins to question TCH about adrenal insufficiency and the need for injections “in case she doesn’t wake up one day”
Questions TCH “if Aniya does have Adrenal insufficiency, what does that mean for the case” TCH nurse unable to answer question, refers Dr. Dr provides no answer.
Anita still unaware of all these proceedings.
TCH reports that “an emergency injection is to be given to Aniya if she is fatigued or doesn’t wake up.” and then discloses “difficult question for her to answer. Team talks about it a lot … they cannot say 100% that the possible adrenal insufficiency is NOT contributing to it”
CPS calls for a meeting with TCH regarding “how to move forward with the case”
Before Aniya’s testing comes back, CPS and TCH are setting up phone staffing to “discuss results and if they still have any concerns with the mother”
CPS asks Dr Lukefehr via email “the department needs to know if the mother is a danger to her child” ???
TCH changes Aniya’s weekly bloodwork to bimonthly with weekly weight checks.
Endocrinologist Dr Paul reveals that adrenal insufficiency is one of the most challenging diagnosis and that he is rarely confident in diagnosing this condition. (questioning himself)
Aniya @ER for extremely high blood pressure, pyrexia (high temp) 104 fever & not wanting to eat!!! Doctors did not get lab work and dismissed Aniya quickly with a “viral infection”
Aniya presents with a rash
Aniya is referred to an ENT
CPS worker noticed that BUN (blood urea nitrogen) was high 28
Worker calls TCH with concerns and is brushed off.
Abnormal BUN
11/2 to 11/6/2017
Aniya travels to NC with foster parents.
CPS documents that Aniya has a cough
Aniya vomits at CPS office. Ignored.
Aniya presents with a runny nose (CPS)
Aniya presents with runny nose and cough (CPS)
Aniya presents with a cough (CPS)
Aniya presents with a cough (CPS)
CPS visit – Aniya has a stuffy nose.
Jan 2018
Aniya is referred for nuerosurgery and labs to check thyroid. Diagnosis of Hyponeutremia (low sodium) Refills for steroids and emergency injections of solu-cortex (hydrocortisone sodium succinate) IM injection for up to one dose for emergency 100 mg per vial plus 2 refills.
hydrocortisone tablets 5mg every 8 hors 100 tabs 6 refills as needed for illness/fever/vomiting
Anita is unaware whether or not Aniya had the neurosurgery that was ordered.
Low sodium is a side effect of Gardisil 9 per Dr Wakefield.
Aniya presents with cough and runny nose. (CPS)
Mother notices bruise on Aniya’s forehead


Feb 2018
Conference call set up at CPS office for TCH doctors to speak to Anita – TCH refused to attend call.
Aniya presents with runny nose (CPS)
Foster mom takes Aniya to walk in clinic to investigate rash per mothers concerns, rash determined to be a yeast infection.
ENT Victoria cheif complaint of possible hearing loss to both ears. Prescribed
cefdinir 1 25ml/5ml 2x a day 7 days (antibiotic)
Prednisolone sodium phosphate 15 mg/5ml  – 1 ml per am for 7 days (steroid)
Had under past health history  … “has never been diagnosed with a significant problem”
(ENT notes)
Ordered placed for ear tube surgery.
Aniya presents with swollen tonsils and ear infection (both ears)
ENT prescribes Prednisolone 1 ml for 7 days and Sulfamethoxazole trinephoprim 1 teaspoon 2x day (double antibiotic)
Aniya given steroids for several weeks then had surgery for ear tubes. Doctors documented concern for hearing loss!!!!
At followup for ear tubes with ENT was prescribed Amoxicilin (antibiotic)
Aniya @urgentcare clinic diagnosed with Lymphadenopathy & fever.
6/18 through 6/21/2107
Court revokes Anita’s parental rights.
CPS visit Aniya is congested, has a cough and lime green mucous and blood coming from her nose.

11/2017 to Current 6/2018 Aniya always had a runny nose and/or cough at every CPS visit!!

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